Login Instructions

We are sorry you are having problems logging in. Hopefully these instructions will help you get access. If you still have problems, just contact us at summit2107@lipedemaproject.org and a tech support person will get back to you quickly.

Go To Login Page

go to this page to login


If you have your password, log in.

If you need a password, click "Lost your password?"

Page looks like this



  1. FIRST check the Captcha box "I am not a robot"
  2. then enter your username and password
  3. username: usually your email unless you set it up with something else
  4. password: be sure to copy and paste from the email that sent you a reset password
  5. check remember me if you are on a private device - the system will remember for next time
  6. click on "Login button"
  7. this is an image below, you must go to the link to actually login



Still can't get access - contact tech support

email us: summit2017@lipedemaproject.org